The Question – What Is Saintgarde?

Opening a women’s apparel store can be a solemn business. For some of you, opening an apparel store may mean giving up your full-time, corporate job with all its regular income, protected holidays raises and the ability for upward advancement. On the other hand, for most of us, it means that we will be investing a lot of time and energy into something that can potentially bring in a steady stream of income.


What is SaintgardeWhat is Saintgarde? This is the case with many women’s apparel stores. They often operate independently from larger corporations, and their owners usually come from a sales background. So you have to ask yourself if the investment is worth it.


If you are looking to open a women’s apparel store, you must weigh the options carefully. The first question to answer in this regard is how much you can invest on your own. For most people, the answer will be “not much”. Most start-up costs consist of rent or maybe lease with a small percentage (or sometimes no) of the overhead cost. All of this, plus the cost of purchasing the inventory, can add up quickly.


As a start-up clothing store owner, you will also need to decide who your target market will be. You will want to have a target market in mind before you even begin searching for the right types of apparel to carry. You will also want to determine how you will sell your merchandise to set up a system in place that will allow you to collect sales from your customers. Selling the merchandise will require careful planning, especially if your target market is younger, as they are more price-sensitive than older ladies.


What is Saintgarde? As part of the homework that you must do before opening a women’s apparel store, you will need to figure out where and how you will locate your store:


  1. You can look on the internet for potential locations or check local business listings.
  2. Check out your budget and decide how much you can afford to spend.
  3. Talk with other start-up businesses in the fashion or apparel business to see what their experience has been like.


Find out about start-up costs, marketing techniques that worked well for them, and anything else you may learn that may help you better understand this exciting new business.


After you know your business basics, you can begin collecting capital for your women’s apparel store. Typically, you will need to raise funding in two ways — through credit cards or a loan from a bank or a local lender. Credit cards generally provide the easiest method of obtaining start-up capital, as you will receive one payment rather than numerous. However, credit cards require a lot of trust in the company you are using to raise the money. They can easily be turned around and used to obtain money from someone else, so it is best to limit your use of credit cards when starting an apparel business. A loan will require you to create an effective business plan, so ensure that you carefully outline every aspect of your business in detail before applying for any financing.


What is Saintgarde? Once you have decided how you will start your women’s apparel store, you need to determine your target market. The most effective way to determine your target market is to ask yourself what types of things you are personally interested in purchasing. This way, you will be easier to come up with a list of items you would most like to buy. Also, once you have a list of potential products, you will make your store appealing to your target market. For example, if you are interested in purchasing lingerie for your target market, you should think of sexy bras, corsets, teddies, and bodysuits. By being unique and providing your customers with something that they cannot get anywhere else, you will be guaranteed success when opening your own lingerie store.