Sports Physio Adelaide: Evaluate and Treat Sports Injuries of All Types

What does a Sports Physio Adelaide do? Sports and Exercise Technologists are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries resulting from sports and exercise activity at all levels and in all ages. These specially trained professionals offer evidence-based advice on appropriate participation in sports and physical activity. They provide services for injured athletes, patients with muscle or skeletal disorders, patients requiring special treatment due to physical trauma or illness and patients preparing for athletic competitions. They also provide services to the general public through athletic clubs, health spas and recreation departments.

sports-physio-adelaideThe majority of athletes will have some level of participation in sports, and they will likely encounter an injury during their participation. In most cases, athletes will not sustain serious or lasting injuries. Still, they may have a reduced level of exertion and be more susceptible to stress-related conditions such as pain, swelling, and function loss. In sports and recreation injuries, the goal is to prevent further injury, increase the chances of full recovery and return to sporting activity. As soon as an athlete has been diagnosed with an injury or illness that limits his/her performance, the Athlete’s Handbook, which governs the sport of sport, will be consulted to establish eligibility and identify the actions taken next.

When it comes to Kinetic Rehabilitation, a Sports Physio Adelaide diagnoses and provides treatment for physical therapy, rehabilitation and stretching. The purpose of the treatment will be to improve the conditions that limit an athlete’s performance and promote increased healing. Typical treatments used by sports practitioners include exercise instruction, massage, laser resurfacing, heat and ice therapy, hydrotherapy and cortisone injections. When an injury or illness prevents an athlete from continuing to perform at a high level or when rehabilitation is required to restore a decrease in an athlete’s performance level, a physiotherapy program is necessary. The extent of an injury will determine the types of programs that are recommended.

A complete physio can evaluate and treat sports injuries of all types. Sports medicine is very broad in its definition and includes assessment, prevention, and correction of athletic injuries. This includes diagnosis, including x-ray, diagnostic radiography, blood analysis, and confirmed through ultrasound, and immediate treatment, which may involve physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, exercises, chiropractic therapy, and surgery. A qualified sports medicine physician will determine the exact cause of the injury and what course of treatment is needed to resolve the problem.

The physiotherapy treatment techniques used will depend on what is available to the injured person. In most cases, when a patient cannot perform normal daily activities, they will be advised to rest up. Resting the body is a great method of treating most injuries because it allows the muscles to recover at their own pace. Once injured, athletes should start strengthening the muscles to avoid them from becoming weak. Athletes should also warm-up before exercise to prevent muscle injuries from occurring. It is also essential for athletes to get proper stretching and cool-down techniques before and after workouts.

An athlete may feel a slight discomfort in their muscles, and sometimes they may even suffer from minor fractures, but the main goal of a sports physiotherapist is to improve an athlete’s sporting performance. If an injury prevents an athlete from completing a particular sport or causing long-term damage to the body, a Sports Physio Adelaide should be consulted. They can provide advice and recommendations on how to prevent future injuries and advice on how to recover from an injury.