What a Podiatrist Adelaide Does

Podiatrist Adelaide medicine is a branch of medical science dedicated to the field, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various disorders of the foot and lower body. In general, it is practised by doctors specializing in orthopedic medicine, but also includes the treatment of athletes who suffer from sports injuries as well as patients with deformities or abnormalities in their feet. It is also practised by individuals who suffer from various forms of foot problems, whether congenital or acquired, which causes severe pain, numbness, or deformity in their feet and ankles.


A podiatrist treats various disorders and diseases related to the feet. He can perform specific surgeries, diagnosis procedures, and provide treatment for the patients. A podiatrist can perform simple surgeries that are done on patients with fractures, broken bones, sprains, torn ligaments, fractures in the metacarpal or heel bone, dislocations, tendonitis, bunion deformities, bunion arthrocentesis, nerve root manipulation, skin grafting, muscle grafting, laminectomy, nerve root puncture, heel splints, shoe inserts, metatarsal adhesive taping and other therapeutic techniques. Apart from these necessary activities, a podiatrist Adelaide can also perform surgical procedures such as ankle root canal therapy, foot deformities surgical correction, heel splints, foot deformities cosmetic correction, metatarsal varus lengthening, metatarsal torsion adjustment, toe straightening, hammertoes, and orthotic implants.


Many different factors can cause foot and ankle injuries or deformities. Some of them include foot injury or deformity caused due to malformations of the foot or injuries caused due to bone spurs, trauma or shock to the foot or ankle. These factors can either be congenital or acquired, or both. Most of these conditions are usually genetic and are not curable by any medical intervention. However, by consulting a podiatrist and following his advice, a patient can minimize or even cure some of the most severe foot and ankle disorders.


The treatment of foot issues can range from surgical correction to rehabilitation and physical therapy. In most cases, the treatment of foot and ankle deformities is surgical in nature and therefore, a podiatrist is the first medical practitioner to a patient. However, the most common surgical correction and treatment procedure performed by a podiatrist Adelaide are toe straightening. The cost involved in creating such a condition may vary depending on the severity and extent of the deformity and the complexity of the surgical correction.


Podiatrist AdelaideFoot deformities are often treated by the doctor using a series of foot splints which correct the deformity and are often applied over some time until the deformity has completely healed. The length of treatment also depends on the severity of the deformity and the extent of the deformity. In most of the cases, the treatment is not expensive and is usually less than a month. The cost also varies depending on the time taken to treat the condition and the severity of the deformity.


Most of the joint foot deformities and disorders, such as bunions, corns, ingrown toenails, calluses, bunion pain and foot pain, tennis elbow, corneal abrasions, coliform contracture and others are very easy to treat and can be cured naturally. However, some foot deformities requiring surgery, such as corns, calluses, hammertoes and ingrown toenails require a series of medical interventions including bone grafting and skin grafting. In such a case, the costs of treating these conditions are usually relatively high. In these cases, a podiatrist is the first medical practitioner consulted. He performs the necessary surgical procedures and the rehabilitation of the patients after completing the treatment of the condition.