The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Street-Electric-Skate-Boards Motorized Skateboard

Electric skateboards have taken Australia by storm and are highly regarded as the future of skateboarding. However, while that may be the case, electric skateboards also have its fair share of downsides that we all deserve to know. So, if you’re thinking about making the switch to a Street-Electric-Skate-Boards motorized skateboard, you need to know everything about it. With that said, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of an electric skateboard.


The Advantages


Easy to Learn

Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran, everyone can use an electric skateboard and enjoy it. Unlike traditional skateboard that has a considerable learning curve, electric skateboards are better since its motorized. That means you don’t have to push it or exert any effort to have it running. All you need is to focus on your balance. It’s like a vehicle with an automatic transmission. It’s easy since you’ll be focusing more on your driving instead of the mechanics and little nuances. Sure, you can say that learning from traditional skateboards first is important. But why go through the hard part when you can make things simple by going for the easy route? We can guarantee that the moment you step on an electric skateboard; you wouldn’t want to go back.


Innovative Controls

The handheld wireless control is the game-changer that’s getting people’s attention over the Street-Electric-Skate-Boards motorized skateboard. This simple controller is where all of the functionalities of your skateboard is found. From the speed to acceleration, you can fully customize and control your skateboard from this simple, little controller. With this in the palm of your hand, you no longer have to push your skateboard for it to move. With an electric skateboard, the focus now shifts towards familiarizing the controls.


Regenerative Brakes

An electric skateboard is battery-powered features a regenerative technology. What this means is that while you’re running your skateboard, it will also regenerate power when you hit the brake button. The cycle will allow it to produce power back; which means you can use it longer.


The Disadvantages


It’s Heavy

The first setback that most people will immediately notice when they switch to an electric skateboard is the weight. Unlike the lightweight of the standard skateboard, electric skateboards are heavier due to the presence of the motor and other components. There’s also the battery and brake pads. So it’s pretty understandable why it’s a heavy board. That also makes performing stunts quite challenging since you’ll have to adapt to the weight.


Now that you know the pros and cons of a Street-Electric-Skate-Boards motorized skateboard, it’s time to take your skateboarding to the next level. Switch to a motorized skateboard today!