What You Need To Know About Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery options are not always available to those who suffer from this condition. Doctors often diagnose gynecomastia Adelaide according to a physical examination and a series of questions about symptoms. Most people with gynecomastia only experience excessive hair growth on their chests. Surgery can be used for extreme cases where the disorder is severe. Sometimes doctors may opt for a combination of liposuction, radiation therapy, or both.

gynecomastia-adelaidePatients with gynecomastia are often given a physical examination before a diagnosis is made. A male breast reduction surgeon will carefully examine the patient and his/her chest to determine if the breast tissue is actually causing the enlarged size of the chest. Some patients may have excessive fat deposits and thus have an obstructed mammary duct or gland. When there is excessive fat in the chest area, it causes a person to gain weight.

Most patients are given an exercise program and then sent home. Many patients are asked to wear compression stockings and special bras to support their chests. This is usually performed in the operating room after the initial male breast reduction procedure is complete. If the surgeon suspects that there are no fatty pockets within the patient’s chest, they may decide to perform a breast tissue biopsy to determine the cause of the excess chest tissue.

There are cases where patients may elect for surgery because of medical problems. One of these cases is to treat prostate cancer in men. In this case, the doctor may choose to perform other major surgical intervention to control the spread of cancerous tumors. Gynecomastia Adelaide patients with cancer may also benefit from this treatment in order to stop the growth of the cancerous tissue. Others opt for surgical intervention to remove the entire breast or just a certain portion. Gynecomastoma is another common type of cancerous growth that many doctors treat surgically.

Many people decide to undergo surgery options to correct their appearance after they are diagnosed with gynecomastia Adelaide. Unfortunately, many do not even realize that there is more than one surgical solution available. While many patients have one or two surgeries to correct their condition, others are dealing with multiple conditions and end up opting for a combined approach.

A number of plastic surgeons recommend that people opt for a combined approach to their treatment after they are diagnosed with gynecomastia surgery. One approach is to combine liposuction and surgery to reduce the amount of tissue in the chest area while simultaneously removing excess fat and skin. Other surgeons recommend a combination of liposuction along with laparoscopy to remove excess skin and eliminate pockets in the chest.