Best Way to Improve Your Smile Using Dental Implants

Dental implants have long since been touted as a possible solution to tooth loss. As an increasingly cost-effective method for replacing missing teeth, dental implants offer people the opportunity to regain missing teeth. However, some people wonder if dental implants Adelaide are a solution for tooth loss or just another way to fall back on unhealthy habits and visit the dentist more often. Implants are typically created of either titanium or porcelain, among the few metals that are properly tolerated by the body. If the implant is created of an alloy, it will be more likely to resist harmful side effects, but this is by no means an infallible guarantee.

The abutment, or implant root, is implanted in the jawbone and connected to the tooth via metal screws and gums. The abutment itself then grows into the jawbone over the course of several weeks or months, following the natural growth of the jawbone. It takes about six months for the implant to reach its full size and determine the final appearance of the tooth or teeth it will replace. As the abutment grows, it will attach to the jawbone, and the process becomes part of the natural process of bone formation and growth. Depending on the patient’s oral health, it could take anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four months for the full benefits of dental implants to begin showing.


Implants are not the only solutions for tooth loss; in many cases, a patient can benefit from dental crowns. If you or someone you love suffers from any oral condition, such as missing teeth or an abnormal bite, a dental crown may provide long term solutions as well as short term cosmetic improvements. Crowns function much like dental implants, with one difference: they are not attached to the jawbone, but the underlying tooth. As you get older, the process of tooth formation begins to slow down, and the ability to grind food and extract saliva is lessened, which is why dental crowns can be a good option for patients looking to boost their smiles.

Dental implants Adelaide are used in other instances that revolve around improving the overall look of a person’s smile. They can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry procedures to create the perfect smile. If you have teeth that are crooked or have chipped or worn teeth, you can have these problems corrected with dental implants. Besides, if your smile is crooked, you can improve the appearance of your smile with a procedure like this.

Implants are an exceptional option that should be considered if you want to improve your overall appearance. There is minimal risk involved with this procedure and, because the procedure is supported by titanium, the recovery time is relatively short. This means that you can get back to enjoying a smile again in a short period of time. If you need dental implants, contact a cosmetic dentist to schedule a consultation and discuss the best way to improve your smile using dental implants.