Things You Should Know About Enrolling in AUCTUS Aged Care Course Adelaide

Having complete compassion towards the elderly is a unique gift. Now everyone is willing to help other people, especially when it comes to the older folks. If you possess the genuine willingness to support the elderly and people with disabilities, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a career waiting for you. By enrolling and passing the AUCTUS aged care course Adelaide, you can potentially enter an in-demand aged care industry as an aged or disabled care provider.  Continue reading as we will delve deep into this topic and help you get to know more about the aged care course.


Is a Career in Aged Care The One for You?

Aged and disabled care services provide general household assistance, care, emotional support and companionship for both aged and disabled people. You can provide the necessary care in the confines of their own home or on the aged care centre — this type of job as steadily grown throughout the years. At the moment, the starting annual salary of an aged care provider is around $50,000. Those numbers will only grow as you unlock new skills and improve your range of services. So if you’re someone who wants to earn a living by helping elderly people, then this industry is for you!


How to Become an Aged Care Provider?

To enter and be successful in this field, you’ll need to enrol and pass the AUCTUS aged care course, Adelaide. This course comprises of several pieces of training and workshops that will talk about the different areas of aged and disability care and support. At the end of the programme, you will receive a diploma and certificate, indicating that you’ve successfully accomplished and completed the training course for aged care. As of the moment, around three in five workers have a vocational education and training qualification.


Key Skills

Do you think you have what it takes to become an aged and disability care worker? It can help if you have the following skills:


  • Willingness to help and give aid to other people.
  • Empathetic; understand why people react the way they do.
  • Has the ability to listen eagerly to other people and can ask the right questions.
  • Excellent communication and ability to talk to others.
  • Can monitor how well people are doing; can make improvements in the process.


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