Exploring the Fun of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

Fashion festivals are no longer a rarity these days. Wherever you live in the world, you will hear or see these gatherings of the best designers and stakeholders in the fashion industry, collaborating for the celebration of lifestyle. Now if you live in Australia, then you might have already heard a thing or two about the Telstra Perth fashion festival. It arguably one of the most anticipated fashion gatherings of the year, with several prominent names in the industry converging for several days of showcases, events, and live music.


The founders of the festival had the idea of organising something to have the most accomplished and renowned local fashion greats in one event and place. With limited expectations, they never thought that the event would eventually become a tradition. It has now become more than just a local event, but an international showcase that allows designers based in Western Australia to strut their stuff.


The 2018 edition of the festival was a memorable one because they celebrated the 20th year. So, the theme was focused on the celebration of the country’s fashion trends throughout the years. The festival started on the 5th of September and concluded on the 15th, with ten days of fun and premium quality showcase of the works of the best local designers and artists. The festival became the talk of the town due to the free ticket offers and different gatherings. The organisers thought of a plan to bring in some of the biggest names in the fashion industry to be part of the events and various activities. Art, design, music, lifestyle, and others were all present at the festival and actively participated in the events.


Telstra made it a point last year to provide opportunities for aspiring designers as well as well-established ones to prove what they can do in one of the biggest stages for fashion in the country. Unlike in the early years of the event, the Telstra Perth fashion festival is now a big-time gathering to showcase the local fashion industry to the rest of the world.

Last year’s 20th anniversary started at the famed Optus Stadium. Primarily utilised for football games, it was the perfect venue for accommodating thousands of participants and visitors for the event. The whole week of festivities included the participation of several teams of designers from different regions of Australia. The highlights include the opening night festivities by AMP Capital Shopping Centres and STM. There were presentations from Roman Was Born cosmic disco, Dion Lee showcases, Scanlan Theodore, and many others. Well, this year is undoubtedly going to live up to the hype, too. Every year, the festival expects to showcase more and eventually expand.